Posted on April 21st, 2023

Organized competitive video gaming, also known as esports made its first debut in 1972, and began gaining momentum in the late 2000’s and continues to grow in popularity not only because of high-speed internet capabilities, but also because it has become much more than just gaming.

Career paths generated from esports are on the rise.

Esports Curriculum in schools has opened the door for new career possibilities as well as offering real-life development of skills to enter into STEAM driven industries. Looking to Maximize Your eSports Dollars? Read our article published in EdMarket Essentials and Delve Magazine.

Esports and the rise in schools and colleges across the nation has caused a bustle in the educational furniture industry. Manufacturers are scrambling to go to market and meet the demands of consumers. Leaving some left to wonder, who really knows the game. A simple search on the internet will render many companies vying to jump into designing an esports environment for you. How though, do administrators seek the top ranked furniture manufacturer to help design and implement a winning esports program?

Mediatechnologies has had their hands on the controls of esports for a few years, and we know a few “cheat codes” to take your esports experience to the next level. With real-life installations that were planned, designed and developed in 2019 and installation of our first esports gaming arena by 2020. Working in tandem with our partners at Pinnacle Network Solutions in South Carolina. Read more about this in our Friday Night Bytes Gallery. Since then, this dream team has designed and installed three more esports gaming arenas/clubs with 20 more in process.

To create an esports program in your school, you’ll need a handful of players on your planning and design team: a team coach/advisor, gaming equipment, and a space for students to game. Oh, you’ll also need the interest and buy in of students and parents! A key factor in designing your facility is knowing how large your teams will be. A majority of league games are 3 v 3, or 6 v 6. Conduct an interest survey first to see how much interest there is and use that information as your starting point.

Esports are popping up in High Schools and Higher Education facilities across the country. Ranging in size from Club to Team sports. Club gaming is an after school club, or for those who may be on the B team of the eSports Roster. These facilities can be in an existing computer lab, or become a more elaborate gamer arena complete with spectator, Team gaming, club gaming, commentator, and team meeting/strategy zones.

Becoming more than just a game. Students who aren’t gaming can be involved and learn and practice critical 21st century skills working as a team, all while developing leads to careers in fields such as event planning, journalism, art, marketing, shoutcasting/broadcasting, streaming, web development, game programming, social media management, or coaching. The esports community is large, and eager to help you develop your team as part of their community. The opportunities that come from esports are growing by the day, offering funding and sponsorship, as well as scholarships for students just as traditional team sports offer.

eSports gaming table, designed with seamless wire management

Building and growing a winning esports program requires interest from key stakeholders, such as students, parents, and administrators. Funding by way of community and/or grants, and strong, ergonomic furniture that supports the technology needed to run your program.

Continued growth and revenue comes from building a social following, broadcasting games, inviting the community to watch matches and encouraging students to join and become invested in the opportunities brought through the program.

Florence 1 esports spectator seating and trophies

"We really enjoy the Spectator furniture, it's been designed to be armless to allow freedom of movement for anyone watching. Allowing the audience a really flexible space so that they can rotate about the room to see different athlete's points of view. Encouraging more of a close community feel with the other people watching." - Wyatt Howle, Systems and Security Administrator FS1

mediatechnologies ranks #1 in Esports Facility Design
Mediatechnologies Ranked #1 in Esports Design

Mediatechnologies knows the game. Our knowledge and experience in designing Esports Facilities is unmatched. See for yourself, view more of our projects in our Gallery. Darlington, Hemingway, and Morris College. Download our Esports | Innovation Centers Brochure.

With Sales Managers across the country, tech partners, and our designers standing by, we are ready to build your esports dreams!

Esports Opens the Door to Innovation, the future is bright! Level Up!

Helpful Resources

High School Esports League (HSEL)

One of the first esports leagues for high school students, HSEL is also the largest. It’s affiliated with the National Association of Collegiate Esports.

North American Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF)

NASEF is a nonprofit league with no entry fees. It has education at the heart of its mission and offers free curriculum for integrating esports into academics.


As the official partner of the National Federation of State High School Associations, PlayVS is recognized as a varsity sport, with state-sanctioned championships.