Cafeterias have evolved over the years to incorporate more of a gathering place, a commons, or even community event center.

Hannah - mediatechnologies
Stackable, versatile, and Pocket-Posture comfort. Human centered design allows for multiple seating positions, and breathability from its elliptical hole pattern design. Hannah is much more than meets the eye! The Hannah series is a former izzy+ product.
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Shirley - mediatechnologies
Shirley Booth is a bench lounge for one-on-one conversation or group meetings. Easily provides a space saving booth atmosphere for public school cafeterias, lounges, and commons areas.
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Shirley Booth Bank - mediatechnologies
Shirley Booth Bank
The Shirley Booth kits are a slight twist on traditional community seating. Arrange into welcoming shapes to create space for collaboration, private areas for study in a commons, cafeteria or media center.
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