CET Extension now available on CET Marketplace

CET Extension now available on CET Marketplace

Posted on October 8th, 2019

Our mediatechnologies Extension is now available on the CET Marketplace!

If you use CET Designer…

You know what this means...and it's a BIG deal. Our development team has been working for months to get content ready for you to use. They set September 30 as the target date to get the first wave of items up on the Marketplace and they did it! Well, done.

Is every mediatechnologies product and iteration there? Well, not yet, but we are not going to stop working to get you the models you need. We allowed the development team out of the dark, locked basement and into the sun for a few moments on the 30th to tell them, "Good job. Well done. Now get back down there and finish the job!" Stay tuned as more items become available.

This should make your design, specification, presentation and ordering using mediatechnologies furniture a zillion times easier.

"CET, CET, Love the feel of PGC! Huzzah!"

If you don't use CET Designer…

(sound of crickets)

What are you waiting for?

If you've never heard of CET…

Here, I "borrowed” this from the Configura website (Configura is the producer of CET):

"To fulfill the demands of more creative and original spaces for individual needs, companies in the Commercial Furniture industry rely on technology to aid salespeople and designers in understanding complicated products while giving the best possible service.
Through our years of experience, we’ve seen that introducing the right technology to your organization will have major impact on operations and profits. Our solution, CET Designer, is an all-in-one software solution that is much more than a drawing tool; it’s a configuration tool that actually “reconfigures” the work process."

CET Designer is a design tool, an accurate specification tool, a presentation tool, and a sales order tool. But hey, I'm not a CET salesperson. If you want to learn more about this incredibly powerful tool, visit http://www.configura.com and look for CET Designer.

We think you'll be impressed. But, best of all, if you use CET Designer, you can use the new cool mediatechnologies Extension and THAT, you will love!

Make sure you register with us before you access the extension and you’ll be good-to-go. (A request for approval email will be sent to us automatically when you first access the catalog).

Need some "guidance" using some of our products? Use our Instructions Pages

We have begun to add some specialized instructions for some of our product lines like Bookcases, Circulation Desks and others. These files provide some helpful tips that can help you get past some "wrinkles' when working with some of the products in our catalog.

You can find these sheets in the Downloads section of our website. They will be titled CET Instructions - Bookcases, etc. Look for more of these helpful tidbits to be added as they become completed.

Also, look for some upcoming "Faves" sheets detailing some of our product groupings and kits.