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Bookmark tables are solidly traditional wood tables available in rectangle, round and square shapes. A laminate top of your choice is edged in solid red oak and radiused all around. The top rests upon 4 sturdy legs that are fitted with an adjustable black plastic glide. Aprons are optional. Choose any one of our standard veneer finishes or opt for a Sprayon finish to amp things up.

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  • Tops are 1-1/4" thick, three ply engineered wood construction with .050" high pressure laminate (also available in veneer) and a phenolic backer sheet. The standard edge is 5/8" x 1-5/8" solid red oak with a 1/2" radius all around. Tops 60" and over are supported on the underside with a 15 gauge steel keel.
  • Legs are 2-1/4" solid glued up red oak with a 3/8" radius on all long edges. They are attached to the top by means of a 5"x 5/16" steel plate. The leg and the plate are joined by (2) 5/16-18 machine bolts, screwed into a 1/2" diameter barrel nut which is embedded in the leg. The steel plate is attached to the table top by (5) 5/16-18 machine bolts which screw into the 5/16-18 metal inserts embedded in the top.
  • Each leg is equipped with a t-nut, black plastic adjustable glide.

Overall Dimensions

Height: 29"
Widths: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
Lengths: 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 90"


Natural Oak - NO 30
Finishes on Oak - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations. These finishes now have a 30 Sheen finish.

Natural Maple-NM 30
Finishes on Maple - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations. These finishes now have a 30 Sheen Finish.

Sprayon Tahiti Blue
Finishes - Sprayon


Sprayon finishes applies to veneer. There is a one time charger per order/color (call for pricing). Actual colors may differ slightly from these representations.

9311-58 Silver Oak Herringbone
General Laminates


Choose from any currently available standard high pressure laminate or check out other available options from Formica: Premium patterns or surface finishes may be specified but will incur an up-charge. Please contact factory.

Hardrock Maple-CP20332
Standard PVC Selections


PVC Applies to front edges as well as work surface edges in 3mm PVC.

* Indicates available for work surfaces only.

Amber Maple 7012-58
Laminate - Wood Grain


Our Wood Grain laminates are designed to match our Oak and Maple Finishes.
* Wood is a natural product and laminate is manufactured. The grain and color may vary.