Moving Forward with the Alba Student Desk

Moving Forward with the Alba Student Desk

Posted on May 12th, 2020

The design tank at mediatechnologies is excited to present a simple solution that can help address complex problems - the Alba Student Desk. As Education prepares to move forward in the coming school year, issues of student health and safety in the learning space are a top priority. Maintaining a safe “social distance” within a classroom is a challenge. The Alba Student Desk can play a big role in developing a solution.

‘Need a desk that is suitable for student spacing AND group work?

The Alba Student Desk is a singular student desk. It is available in four work surface shapes that can be configured in many geometric shapes, of varying sizes, to accommodate everything from spaced, individual student work to groups when necessary. These work surface shapes include rectangle, rectangle with radiused corners, trapezoid and boodle (yes, boodle. Just look at it and you will say, “Oh…that’s a BOODLE).
Oh, yes. I see now. THAT is a Boodle!
Alba Student Desks are light and can be easily configured in a learning space to provide the necessary student spacing. Use of optional Surfboards (a bracket-mounted personal write-on board/privacy panel) can provide additional separation/protection when required.

Will these desks last beyond the need for today’s student-spacing issues?

These desks are relatively light and mobile. But don’t be fooled by their easy-mobility - these desks are designed-and-built-for-schools tough. Contemporary powder coated steel legs, durable and easily-cleaned high-pressure laminate work surface and tough PVC edge banding Both rectangles and the trapezoid shapes are available with glides, 4 locking, non-marring casters or in wheelbarrow configuration. The boodle is available with glides or as a wheelbarrow. These desks are going to be around for a long time, still delivering a quality performance long after pandemic issues have faded into the past. The Alba Student desk is light, tough, cleanable, mobile, individual and group configurable and suitable to be fitted with protective panels. The Alba Student Desk can be part of the solution for your school district.