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Transition Kit A

Layout A is 6 lockers with storage. Each starter and adder unit in this kit (7 total) includes 3 fixed and 4 tab cam adjustable shelves.

All panels and shelves are 1" thick engineered wood with melamine finish and PVC banding.

This kit can be expanded with additional track and transition components.

Totes available separately.

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  • (2) HT96 - 96" W Horizontal track
  • (4) HTAEC - Horizontal Track End Cap
  • (1) TRN-SB-841219-T - 84"H x 14"W x 19"D Starter Unit
  • (6) TRN-SB-841219A-T - 84"H x 13"W x 19"D Adder Unit
  • (6) TRN-SH12F-Locker-19-T - 12"W x 19"D Locker Shelves with Hooks
  • (Totes are not included)
  • Overall Unit Width: 92"
  • Weight: 759 lbs.

Note: Starter unit widths include the width of the shelf plus the width of two end panels (shelf width plus 2"). Adder unit widths include the length of the shelf plus the width of one intermediate panel (shelf width plus 1"). Overall base cabinet height is expressed including the 6" space between the floor and the bottom of the base cabinet.


Stainless w/ Rio Texture (GI)
Melamines (TFL)


Coordinating PVC and HPL finishes are available for most melamine selections. PVC not available for Stainless.

Hardrock Maple-CP20332
Standard PVC Selections


PVC Applies to front edges as well as work surface edges in 3mm PVC.

* Indicates available for work surfaces only.