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Forum Work Table - mediatechnologies

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Forum Work Table

In a time when work has become ubiquitous, a workspace must be collaborative, flexible and dynamic. Turn a reception area into a team area: with Forum, it's a snap. Forum tables are a great solution for today's work-scape, from hotels, offices and airports to clubs, lounges and alternative officing.

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  • Frame is 3/4" and 1" tubular steel
  • Table top is 1-1/4" thick with high pressure laminate worksurface and 3mm PVC edgeband.
  • Design by Timothy deFiebre

Overall Dimensions
Depth: 15"
Width: 20"
Height: 26"


Formica Amber Maple 7012-58
Laminate - Wood Grain


Our Wood Grain laminates are designed to match our Oak and Maple Finishes.
* Wood is a natural product and laminate is manufactured. The grain and color may vary.

Vibrant Green 6901-58
Laminate Seating+


Seating+ Laminates for shell chairs and more is a collection of standard laminates for shell chair use.
Some of these patterns/colors are also available for tables.

These are special laminates selected for our Bella, Romak and Slide seating.
Can combine these laminates for a unique "front/back" appearance.

Minimum order: 10 (of the same laminate). Orders of less than 10 of the same laminate will incur a $200 upcharge. Laminate choices outside of this range of selections will incur a $200 set up fee. Dual Tone laminate is available (differing inside and outside laminate selections) for $20 list per chair.

Some of these patterns/colors are also available for tables.... hence the +

Silver 809 (G1)
Powder Coat Colors


Classic to funky finishes available. Match your powder coats with your PVC for fresh and fun look! All chairs are available in G2 powder coat colors. Tables may also be specified with G2 powder coat colors. There is a one time charge per order/color for these powder coats.

9311 58 Silver Oak Herringbone
General Laminates


Choose from any currently available standard high pressure laminate or check out other available options from Formica: Premium patterns or surface finishes may be specified but will incur an up-charge. Please contact factory.

Hardrock Maple-CP20332
Standard PVC Selections


PVC Applies to front edges as well as work surface edges in 3mm PVC.

* Indicates available for work surfaces only.