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Twist premium modular wood construction shelving consists of starter and adder units allowing flexible shelving runs that are field-modifiable and can be reconfigured or added-to as collections change and grow.  Available in oak or maple.

Twist end panel tops are machined to an arc.

Available models and variations:

Single- or Double-Faced Units                                                                               

Wood or Powder Coated Steel Adjustable Book, Picturebook or Magazine Shelves

Single-Faced Newspaper Rack Units

Cornice or Continuous Top

Mobile Units (Double-Faced only)

Available in 30, 42, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 90-inch Heights (Not all models are available in every height)

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  • Available in oak or maple
  • Back is MDF core; veneer face
  • Top is veneer core; Veneer face; wood banding
  • Valance included
  • 16-gauge steel "Z" bracket locks the top sides and back into place
  • Adjustable shelves are 1" thick; veneer core; veneer faces; wood banding
  • End and intermediate panels are plywood core; veneer faces; wood banding. End panels are machined to an arc. Intermediate panels are undetailed.
  • Toe Assembly is box frame; veneer core; veneer faces; bolted to the end and intermediate panels.
  • Available only in wood veneer finish.
  • Steel shelves are available. Substitute "SB" for "V" in the model number prefix. Powder coated shelves are an opportunity to add an accent color to your bookcases.  See our Powder Coat finish options.
  • Mobile Twist shelving units available.
  • See our Finish Options.  
  • Sprayon Finishes can be applied to Twist veneer units. 
  • LamWow is the addition of an HPL accent face to to your bookcase units.  Contact us for details.
Model Number Examples

V26-4212 - 42"H x 12"D, Twist, Single Face, Starter,  Wood Shelves

V21-4212A - 42"H x 12"D, Bookmark (undetailed), Single Face, Adder,  Wood Shelves

SB26-4212 - 42"H x 12"D, Twist, Single Face, Starter,  Steel Shelves

V26-4212P - 42"H x 12"D, Twist, Single Face, Starter,  Wood Picturebook Shelves

V26-4212MS - 42"H x 12"D, Twist, Single Face, Starter,  Wood Magazine Shelves

SB21-4212MSA - 42"H x 12"D, Bookmark (undetailed), Single Face, Adder,  Steel Magazine Shelves

V26-4224-MOB - 42"H x 24"D, Twist, Double Face, Starter,  Wood Shelves, Mobile

V26-7212NS - 72"H x 12"D, Twist, Single Face, Starter,  Wood Newspaper Racks & Shelves


Silver 809 (G1)
Powder Coat Colors


Classic to funky finishes available. Match your powder coats with your PVC for fresh and fun look! All chairs are available in G2 powder coat colors. Tables may also be specified with G2 powder coat colors. There is a one time charge per order/color for these powder coats.

Sprayon Tahiti Blue
Finishes - Sprayon


Sprayon finishes applies to veneer. There is a one time charger per order/color (call for pricing).  Actual colors may differ slightly from these representations.

Natural Oak - NO 30
Finishes on Oak - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations. These finishes now have a 30 Sheen finish.

Natural Maple-NM 30
Finishes on Maple - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations. These finishes now have a 30 Sheen Finish.