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DFTS-4218S-T-MOB back

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Drift Straight Melamine

Drift Single-Faced and Double-Faced Mobile Shelving adds a dynamic spark of excitement to any space.  Drift units provide attractive shelving for the collection and they are also great for dividing a space or carving out a little seating nook when paired with our Full Time Ottomans.  The 1" thick book shelves are located on one side of the single-faced unit and both sides of the double-faced unit. You may choose between melamine or powder coated steel back panels. Each unit rolls easy on 75mm casters. 

Straight Drift units mate with convex, concave and additional straight Drift units to create interesting mobile shelving runs.  Our powder coat options are available for perforated steel back units.  Optional connecting magnets and top handles are also available.

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Drift Straight Melamine Shelving
  • End and intermediate panels are 1" thick engineered wood with melamine faces and PVC banding
  • Top and base are 1" thick engineered wood with melamine faces and PVC banding
  • Back is 1/4" thick engineered wood with melamine or 14-gauge, powder coated, perforated steel panel
  • Adjustable shelves are 1" thick engineered wood, melamine faces and PVC banding
  • (5) 75mm locking casters
  • See Finishes for melamine options
  • See Finishes for powder coat options for units with steel curved back
  • Optional connecting magnets and handles
  • Available in 42" and 48" heights
Example Model Numbers

DFT-4218S-T-MOB - Drift, straight, 42" H x 18" D x 42" W, melamine with melamine back, mobile

DFT-4818S-T-MOB - Drift, straight, 48" H x 18" D x 42" W, melamine with melamine back, mobile

DFTS-4218S-T-MOB - Drift, straight, 42" H x 18" D x 42" W, melamine with steel back, mobile

DFTS-4224SD-O-MOB - Drift, straight, double-faced, 42"H x 24"D x 42"W, oak with steel back, mobile


Silver 809 (G1)
Powder Coat Colors


Classic to funky finishes available. Match your powder coats with your PVC for fresh and fun look! All chairs are available in G2 powder coat colors. Tables may also be specified with G2 powder coat colors. There is a one time charge per order/color for these powder coats.

Stainless Aluminum w/ Rio Texture (G1)
Melamines (TFL)


Coordinating PVC and HPL finishes are available for most melamine selections. PVC not available for Stainless Aluminum.

Hardrock Maple-CP20332
Standard PVC Selections


PVC Applies to front edges as well as work surface edges in 3mm PVC.

* Indicates available for work surfaces only.