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Privacy screen features observation holes with the option to omit. Unit awaits your choice of laminate and should you not choose a powder coat, the steel feet will default to 809 silver. Cheesewall is also available with casters and will add 3" to the overall height. 

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  • Screen: The curved screen shall be 31/32" construction of 3-ply Bendy Luan with .050" high pressure laminate faces. The screen shall be self-edged on top and side edges and formed into a 42-7/16" radius curve. The curved screen shall be 60" high and 78-5/8" wide. Mobile units shall be 63" high.
  • Feet: Foot assemblies shall be 1/4" powder coated steel "L" brackets with reinforcement gusset. Each of (6) 8-1/2" long assemblies shall have a weld-nut on the bottom o the bracket that accepts a standard adjustable black plastic glide (or caster). The use of casters shall increase the overall height by 3". Foot assemblies shall bolt through the screen at three pre-drilled positions at the bottom of the screen. Foot assemblies shall be attached using (6) 30mm connector bolts and 1/4-20 nuts.
  • Models with observation holes (CZW-): There shall be (7) 8" diameter holes in the screen. The hole centers shall be located as follows: (1) hole located along the center line, 13-1/2" from the top edge; (1) hole located 14-3/8" right of the center line, 25-5/16" form the top edge; (2) holes located 23-1/8" right of the center line, (1) hole 10-1/2" form the top edge and (1) hole 38-1/4" from the top edge. (1) hole located 14-3/8" left of the center line, 25-5/16" from the top edge; (2) holes located 23-1/8" left of the center line, (1) hole 10-1/2" from the top edge and (1) hole 38-1/4" from the top edge. Inside edges of the holes shall be finished in a matching paint color.
  • Default powder coat is 809 silver.

Overall Dimensions
Height: 60" (63" if mobile)
Width: 78-5/8"
Thickness: 1"


9311 58 Silver Oak Herringbone
General Laminates


Choose from any currently available standard high pressure laminate or check out other available options from Formica: Premium patterns or surface finishes may be specified but will incur an up-charge. Please contact factory.

701 Capri Blue
Powder Coat Colors Group II


All chairs are available in Designer powder coat colors. Tables may also be specified with Designer powder coat colors. There is a one time charge per order/color for these powder coats.