Elementary School Spaces

Elementary Spaces - mediaspace, commons, flex lab
Elementary Spaces - mediaspace, commons, flex lab


Customer requirements and requests

media center:

  • Reading or quiet zones, at least 5
  • Cafe style seating, 1
  • Collaborative zones 4-5
  • Independent study zones, 3
  • Occupancy 35
  • Must have mobility
  • Curved, mobile shelving
  • 1 Librarian monitor space
  • Soft seating at least 10, mobile


  • Cohesive design through out the school
  • Multiple commons for different age groups
  • Fun and inspiring

Flex Lab:

  • Accommodate all grade levels
  • Flexability
  • Storage

When designing this new elementary school, collaboration was key. Through frequent virtual meetings we were able to coordinate products and materials to show continuity thought the spaces and make changes quickly.

Mobile stools at the end of shelving runs add extra space to read quietly or move together for impromptu collaboration. A personal tech cart provides a work surface for the librarian or moderator.

ES- Commons Areas

Commons areas were created as breakout zones for collaboration. Furnishings were selected based upon height and fun shapes that would inspires students. Using virtual meeting we were able to coordinate materials with adjacent classrooms creating a cohesively designed environment.

ES- Flex Lab

The Flex Lab needed to accommodate all grade levels, from 1st through 6th grade. It required flexibility and storage.
Finish Pallet of the space includes coated fabrics for clean-ability, Woven for interest, Laminate, TFL, powder coat, thermoplastic and PVC edge banding.
If you like the finish pallet, please reach out to [email protected] to request a sample of each.

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