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Charleston's veneer frame awaits a finish of your choice. The laminate top sits upon the frame and is edged in a solid red oak, rounded to a soft radius. The apron give the entire assembly strength and support. Charleston legs are tapered at the bottom and fitted with dapper steel boots. Each leg is fitted with a leveling glide. Charleston also offers end panels constructed of engineered wood and oak veneer faces. The overlays may be specified to match the panel or contrast.

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  • Tops are 1-14" thick, three ply engineered wood construction with .050" high pressure laminate and a phenolic backer sheet. The Charleston edge is 5/8" x 1-1/4" solid red oak with the vertical face gently rounded to a 1-1/4" radius. Corners on rectangular and square tables are clipped at 45˚ and banded with 1/8" solid oak. Tops 60" and over are supported on the underside with a 14 gauge steel keel.
  • The legs are 2" x 3" tapering to a 2" x 2" at the bottom and set 45˚ to the aprons. Table legs are capped at the bottom with a finished steel boot. The top of each leg has recesses machined to accept aprons from two sides and is bored and fitted with two threaded metal inserts for mounting bolts. Each leg is equipped with a leveling glide. Edges receive a hard sand break.
  • Apron: The apron is 1" x 3" with a hard sand break on exposed edges. Aprons are machined on inside the face at each end to receive a 12 gauge steel bracket which, when fastened to the aprons, forms a structural frame that supports the top. Mounting bolts pass through the brackets at each corner of the frame into the legs and when tightened, rigidify the entire assembly. Aprons are machined on their inside faces with pocket holes and #8 screws pass through these to attache the table top.
  • End panel version: End panels consist of 1-3/16" thick panel of engineered wood construction with select oak veneer faces. The panel is encased flush on the back side with 1-5/16" x 3" solid oak stiles and 1/4" rail and mullion overlays. The end panels extend 1/4" above and 1/4" beyond the edges of the top.
  • Keel: keels are 1-3/16", engineered wood with select red oak on both faces. The bottom edge is banded with 1/8" solid red oak. Each panel is joined to the keel using Mod-eez fasteners. Tables 42" wide and wider have two keels.

Overall Dimensions
Heights: 27", 29"
Widths: 30", 36", 42", 48"
Lengths: 42", 48", 60", 72", 90"


Natural  Maple - NM
Finishes on Maple - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations.

Natural Oak - NO
Finishes on Oak - Standard


Actual colors may differ slightly from displayed representations.

Formica Elemental Stone8831
Laminates for Tables


Choose from any currently available standard high pressure laminate from Formica: Premium patterns or surface finishes may be specified but will incur an up-charge. Please contact factory.

Sprayon Tahiti Blue
Sprayon Finishes


Sprayon finishes applies to veneer. There is a one time charger per order/color (call for pricing).  Actual colors may differ slightly from these representations.